Hadassah Dental clinic was established in Tel Aviv by the leading expert staff of Hadassah, in order to give medical professionals treatments in an international level and in high standards

Hadassah Dental clinic is a branch of Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Tel Aviv and works under the medical supervision of Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital. Hadassah Dental is the only clinic that gathers all the professionals of Hadassah and is under the medical management of Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital.


In the Tel Aviv clinic, the patient receives all the professionals in the dentistry field, prosthodontics, endodontic, oral surgery, periodontics implants and oral hygiene – all in one place. The staff runs as a medical committee. The medical executive, Dr. Yitzhak Ginio, a specialist in prosthodontics, is the staff leader and is the medical executive since the clinic was established. In the clinic several treatments and surgeries are performed under general and local anesthesia such as dental implant and bone implants. The staff is composed of doctors which are skilled with complex dental treatments, in which involves professional surgery doctors, periodontics specialists, endodontics specialists, oral surgery specialists, prosthodontics specialists and orthodontics specialists and dental hygienist services. In the clinic the administrative staff is of high service awareness which cares for the patient needs and its convenience.

Hadassah Dental has a certificate of approval from the health ministry to perform dental treatments under general anesthesia. The treatments are performed under the supervision of a professional anesthetist from Hadassah hospital. Other dental implants and dental treatments which are performed under general anesthesia, requires a skilled and senior staff; The unique combination of professional dental treatments all in one place assures the patient a medical diagnosis, setting a treatment plan and executing it in the highest professional level in order to satisfy the patient expectations and above.

The Hadassah Dental clinic specializes in complexed dental treatments such as: Dental treatments under general anesthesia, dental implants, prosthodontics, sinus elevation, bone reconstruction, orthodontics for adults, partial dentures supported by implants, immediate implants after computer analysis and immediate loading of crowns and bridges.

The advantage of a prosthodontics specialist in contrast to a "general dentist" is seen in diagnosis ability, the treatment planning and performing it in the highest possible quality, with an emphasis on optimal convenience, functioning and esthetics. It is recommended to get an opinion from a prosthodontics specialist before complexed dental treatments such as: partial dentures supported by implants etc.

In many case, a specialist’s opinion reduces the treatments costs. A prosthodontics specialist is committed to excellence and is up to date with its area of specialization and other fields.

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